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Lady Yunxiao, the Cloudy Sky

Lady Yunxiao, the Cloudy Sky

SKU: M3068-F05
€ 65,00Prezzo

SCALE: 75mm (1:24)

  • This product is sold in a box containing some separated parts to be assembled and painted by modellers.
  • Painted figures showed on our boxes and on our web pages are painting examples.
  • Wood plinth not included.
  • More Info

    Art director: Qi Zhang 

    Concept: Ibrahem Swaid

    Sculptor: Thorbjorn Barone

    Boxart: Qi Zhang

    Cast: Madness Studio

    Scale: 75mm

    Number of parts: 15

    Painting difficulty: ★★★☆☆ Medium


  • Story

    The Sisters of Sky, three sorceresses hailing from the Island of Three Saints, initially obeyed the orders of the Supreme Pure One and refused to participate in the human war. However, the tragic loss of their elder brother drove them to seek vengeance. Using the Funnel of Chaos, they ensnared Jiang Ziya and the other students of the Jade Pure One in the Yellow River, causing them to lose all their training and be transformed into mortals. The Jade Pure One also joined the fray in an attempt to rescue his students. Sadly, Bi Xiao and Qiong Xiao perished in the battle, and Yun Xiao was imprisoned beneath Kirin Mountain. Following their deaths, the Sisters were canonized as "The Sisters of Sky, Goddesses of the Circles of Life," and all souls entering a new circle of life must first pass through their mystical funnel.


    Not for sale to minors under 14 years. Paints, glue, cement, decals and metal sticks are not included. Some part is very small with sharp edges. Protect your eyes. Don't eat the parts. Work in a very well ventilated room. Casted in resin and/or white metal. This is a temperature sensitive material.

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